Water Saving aerators and Eco Water Saving showerheads can be used wherever drinking water is used.


The internationally unified visual style is designed with consistency to address all its aspects and build its identity in accordance with standards.


Save from 50% to 70% on the daily use of water, sewerage and energy of water heating without reducing comfort.


Based on laboratory testing by Regional Public Health Office in Poprad, aerators are safe for contact with drinking water.


FLEX SMILE s.r.o. is a young, dynamic company operating in Slovak and Czech markets. Our company’s slogan is „For the best solution“, We follow this idea when selling our products and services to end customers and while searching for new partners. We are currently offering solutions in the field of saving water. Our main activity is selling water saving aerators of our own brand, Eco Water Saving, thereby helping our customers find better financial solutions. Moreover, it is environment-friendly. Our products can be used in households as well as in office buildings, residential buildings, schools and all other places where drinking water is used. Eco Water Saving aerators have passed laboratory tests based, showing that they are suitable to come into contact with drinking water. Should you have any queries or interest in our products or be interested in cooperation, feel free to contact us via the contact form, e-mail or by calling us.